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    Seahorse S60 Electric Pack
    S60 Kontiki Electric Pack – The Ultimate Kontiki Fishing System

    From: $6,400.00 inc GST

    From: $6,400.00 inc GST

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    S60 Kontiki Electric Pack – The Ultimate Kontiki Fishing System

    From: $6,400.00 inc GST

    The Seahorse S60 Kontiki is a powerful and lightweight Kontiki with a GPS autopilot system and a built-in GPS Tracker. Match it up with our nylon winch and Clip-n-Go traceboard for the ultimate Kontiki fishing system.

    Lithium batteries power the next generation of Kontikis.

    Advanced Features!

    First 6 Months Free!
    Advanced features for the S60 and S33 model Kontiki's.

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    SKU: ZZ-S60-EP-1 Category:


    Match the new Seahorse S60 Kontiki with the Nylon Winch and traceboard for the ultimate Kontiki fishing system.

    Bringing together The latest technology to deliver a powerful and lightweight Kontiki fishing system that can tackle almost any conditions you might want to fish in. Light enough for one person to operate and powerful to fish when and where you want.

    Match the new S60 Kontiki with the Nylon winch and Clip-n-Go traceboard for the ultimate Kontiki fishing system.

    Package Includes
    • The S60 Seahorse™ Electric Kontiki with the powerful 46lb thrust motor
      • Built-in GPS Autopilot and GPS Tracker.
      • Two Black Lithium Battery and Charger.
      • Night-activated strobe light and flag and 5 clip-on weights.
      • 6 months of free access to the advanced features of the GPS tracking and telemetry system.
        • An annual subscription is required after that.
    • The Seahorse Nylon Winch
      • 1600 Metres of 300lb/140kg breaking strain Nylon line with
      • 120 stoppers.
      • 100 metres of leader.
      • 10ah Black lithium battery.
      • Manual rescue handle.
    • The Seahorse Clip-N-Go Traceboard
      • 26 standard traces.
      • pack of 10 spare tube traces.
    24 Month Warranty and guaranteed to catch fish (if you use the right bait).

    Seahorse S60 Kontiki

    Seahorse S60 Kontiki

    GPS Tracker is Built into the Control Unit

    • Operated by an App on your Phone (Android or Apple).
    • Check the last known location any time you wish.
    • If lost at sea, set the Kontiki into Lost mode. This will extend the battery life and position tracking.
      • The backup battery extends the GPS tracker after the main battery is removed.
    • If stolen, set the Kontiki into Stolen mode. This will disable the Kontikis operation – meaning no one can use it.
    • Once recovered, the Kontiki can be re-activated so you can go fishing.
    • Requires an active GSM cellular network connection for you and the Kontiki.

    GPS-guided Autopilot System

    • The new design Improves the performance and accuracy of the autopilot system.
    • This allows the powerful lightweight S60 Kontiki to operate in rough conditions, big surf and strong currents
    • The course is set by walking down the beach in the direction of the course.

    Connection via the GSM cellular (cellphone) network

    • Send commands to the Kontiki when it is out at sea via the GSM Cellular network.
    • This allows you to stop the Kontiki during the run.
    • Change the operating mode to Lost or Stolen if this is required.
    • This allows the Kontiki to report its position back to you.

    Performance Telemetry data uploaded to the Cloud

    • This allows the team at Seahorse to investigate any issues you may be having with the Kontiki.
    • Saves costly trips of couriering the Kontiki back to the Seahorse factory for fault finding.
    • Remote Fault Finding – The Seahorse Technician can remotely assess and test the performance of the Kontiki and its operations.
    • Over-the-air updates allow new functions or features to be added.

    New Design

    • New high-performance design.
    • Positions the motor for better performance.
    • The rudder is further forward for improved steering.
    • Lithium battery powered giving increased performance.
    • Lightweight – Only 14kg with two lithium batteries.
    • No hatch to do up.


    • Standard Black lithium batteries.
    • Lithium batteries have a longer life.
    • Operates at a higher voltage than SLA batteries, giving the motor more power and speed.
    • This gives more distance and increased performance


    The NEW Seahorse™ S60 Kontiki Is the Next Generation Of Kontiki Fishing Systems.

    The Seahorse S60 Kontiki is a new design from the ground up. The aim was to make it the best Seahorse Kontiki possible. We looked at our existing models, took the best features from each one and built them into a new Kontiki. There are new features to make your Kontiki safer and to allow Seahorse to provide a better service to you, the user.

    The new S60 has kept these features and now includes increased performance, distance and improved steering. There is a new control unit with integrated autopilot and GPS tracker. The Kontiki is controlled by an App that will run on either Android or Apple phones.

    The Seahorse S60 Kontiki has taken the concept developed with the Seahorse S30 and S33 and taken it to the next level. The two lithium batteries enable the 46lb thrust Motor to produce nearly 10% more thrust than with SLA batteries. This makes the S60 an extremely versatile machine with the power to tackle any conditions.

    The S60 has been designed to be powerful and lightweight. The Kontiki separates into two parts 750mm long. This makes for easy storage. When connected together, the S60 is 1.5 metres long. This length improves the directional stability and seakeeping abilities. It allows better placement of the motor and positioning of the rudder. The rudder is further forward, giving more turning power and this allows the Kontiki to hold a better course.

    The catch and hinge have been designed to give a wide stable connection between the body and tail. The two latches are used to hold the Kontiki closed. This reduces the load on the latches and it spreads the pressure applied to the seal more evenly over the whole seal. The seal has a locating groove. This allows the sealing ridge of the body to have a larger sealing surface ensuring a waterproof seal. The tail of the S60 Kontiki has been designed to allow the thrust from the motor to pass cleanly below the body of the Kontiki. The wide whale tail gives stability allowing the S60 to stand on the beach or in the garage. The wide tail also allows the towpoint to be offset to counter the torque pull of the motor. The body of the Kontiki can also stand by leaning it back onto the hinge.

    The design of the S60 body is a development of the continuous line of Seahorse Kontikis since 2001. Each has been a development of the knowledge gained from the previous designs, which has been adapted for the requirements of the newly available technology. The S60 is bringing together the best of Kontiki design, GPS technology, cellphone communications and lithium batteries

    The Chisel bow allows the S60 to smoothly cut through the waves. The high conning tower houses the control unit, the GPS receiver and the cell antenna to maximise their ability to communicate. The handle is narrow and comfortable to use. In many ways, the Seahorse S60 is establishing a new level of performance for Kotnikis.


    The Seahorse S60 uses two lithium batteries. There are many different types of lithium batteries with different chemistry, producing different voltages and discharge rates. The Seahorse batteries have been designed to maximise performance while meeting the current draw demands of the Kontiki. The Black lithium battery is the recommended battery for the Seahorse S60. These have been developed to cope with the special requirements of Kontiki fishing. These lithium batteries supply approx. 10% more power than Lead Acid (SLA) batteries, meaning the motor will produce 10% more thrust. The Black lithium battery will run the Kontiki for up to 30 minutes and these batteries will meet the needs of most Kontiki fishers.

    GPS Tracking and Telemetry System

    Seahorse has built the GPS tracker into the heart of the Kontikis Control Unit, meaning if someone steals your Seahorse Kontiki, it cannot be removed without destroying the Kontiki itself. Existing stand-alone trackers can be found and removed from the Kontiki. The built-in backup battery gives many hours of extended tracking after the main battery has been disconnected.

    In addition to transmitting the GPS tracking location from the Kontiki, the Control Unit also transmits the performance telemetry of the Kontiki back to the main server. This includes the speed and direction of the Kontiki, voltage and current drawn from the batteries plus other information allowing the performance of the Kontiki to be reviewed by a Seahorse technician.

    The GPS Tracking and Telemetry data capture are only possible with a GSM Cellular (cellphone) network connection. The cellular connection allows the position and data to be transmitted from the Kontiki to the cloud and back to the App on your phone. It also allows commands such as STOP to be sent from the App via the Cloud to the Kontiki. If either the Kontiki or your phone does not have a connection, then this communication cannot happen. If there is no cellphone coverage, the Kontiki will store the data which will be transmitted once cellphone coverage is regained.

    It is possible to change the status of the Kontiki to lost or stolen. The lost mode will minimise power usage to maximise the length of time the GPS tracker can work and provide tracking information. As with all trackers, it can only work on the surface (GPS will not work underwater) and the Kontiki will need to be within cellphone coverage. You will also need cellphone coverage where you are and mobile data turned on to receive the information. The stolen mode will activate the GPS tracker to report and it will disable your Kontiki so no one can operate it. The GPS Location should assist the police to recover the Kontiki and once it is recovered, you can re-activate it so you can go fishing.

    With the App, we can link you to your Kontiki meaning only you and no one else (unless you share them) will have access to these advanced features. If the Kontiki is jointly owned, then the other owners can be added to the Kontiki and they will have access to the advanced features. If you allow someone to borrow your new S60 Kontiki, they can download the App and access the basic start/stop and set the time in 5 minutes intervals. If you are feeling generous, you can share the advanced features with them. Afterwards, you can remove their access.

    Seahorse will be continuously updating and improving the performance and features available. As new ideas and developments come online, Seahorse will be able to send updates directly to your Kontiki to ensure it is always operating with the latest and greatest software and features.

    If you sell or dispose of your S60 Kontiki, the details of the new owner can be entered into the App and the Seahorse records can be updated.

    GPS Autopilot

    The GPS-controlled Autopilot system is a development of the earlier Seahorse autopilot systems. The improved hardware gets a faster and more accurate position lock. The improved steering algorithms have improved the directional stability and the ability to hold a course towards the waypoint.

    The course is set by starting the motor on the beach and walking approximately 10 metres in the direction you wish the Kontiki to travel in and the GPS Autopilot system will calculate the direction you are walking and set a waypoint 3 km out in that direction. At that stage, the rudder will centre itself (because you are moving in the correct direction) and this is confirmation of the course is set. There will also be a status update on the App to Active.

    Once the Kontiki is launched, the GPS Autopilot will steer the S60 Kontiki towards the waypoint. If a current tries to pull the Kontiki along the beach, the GPS Autopilot will turn the S60 Kontiki into the current so it stays heading towards the waypoint. Once the run is complete, the GPS Autopilot will turn off and the rudder will be held in a central position to minimise the chances of it being damaged. if there is a strong current running along the coast, we have found setting the course slightly into the current gives a better result than going straight out across the current.

    Subscription for the Advanced Features

    Every new Seahorse S60 Kontiki comes with six months of free access to the advanced features from the date of purchase. After that, there is a small annual subscription to cover the costs involved in running the tracker and central server. The payment is done by either credit card or direct debit payment.

    If you let the subscription lapse or has been cancelled, the advanced features can be re-connected in the future, but this involves a re-connection fee.







    Seahorse Nylon Winch

    The Seahorse Electric Winch with a Lithium Battery

    The Seahorse Electric Winch has 2000 metres of 300lb monofilament line. There are 120 stoppers to give plenty of time and space to attach the traces and weight.

    This lightweight winch has a powerful motor and battery to give you the freedom to fish where you want. Built tough to handle the harsh marine environment, this is the perfect winch for Kontiki fishing.

    • Seahorse Electric Winch Features
      The Seahorse Electric Winch is designed to make launching and retrieving your Seahorse Kontiki as simple as possible – it is a one-man operation.
    • The Seahorse Winch is the most advanced beach longline fishing winch available. Its advanced design makes it simple to operate, and simple to clean.
    • Being loaded with design features, it is also the simplest winch on the market to operate.
    • The simple and effective drag rubber controls the speed of the drum on launching to stop overruns. The drag rubber adds constant drag to the winch drum during the launching process, thus stopping the line jumping and causing overruns. Once the traces are attached the drag rubber is removed from the drum, in turn removing the drag and allowing for maximum distance. Additional drag can be manually applied if required.
    • The line used on the Seahorse Winch is 300lb, or 140kg, breaking strain, commercial-grade monofilament fishing line. This line size is selected because it is easy to handle, yet strong enough to withstand a high level of abuse.
    • The line consists of a 3m shock cord, followed by 150m of the leader line. This is used by the fisher to guide the Seahorse through the surf line. The following 250m of the stoppered line has 120 resin-coated stoppers where the weights and 25 traces are attached. The stoppered line is then followed by 1600m of mainline to allow the set-up of the Seahorse up to 2 kms offshore. This gives you plenty of time to get your traces attached to the mainline.
    • The marine-grade wiring and external switches are completely waterproofed. So not only can the unit be washed easily, but it is also protected from any unexpected waves hitting the beach.
    • The winch control unit is fully protected from the beach environment. The unit has three speeds so you can select the correct speed for whatever the situation. There is also the sealed ON/OFF/PULSE switch giving you complete control.
    • The slow speed is for trolling the baits back to the beach. This technique can be used successfully with soft baits or lures.
    • Medium speed has an overload thermal auto cut-out to protect the motor. This speed is great when you are pulling in a massive load of fish.
    • High speed uses all the power of the 150-watt motor to retrieve the line in the fastest possible time, so you spend less time waiting and more time fishing.
    • The speeds are electronically controlled to ensure no battery power is wasted.
    • The aluminium frame design and low drum placement enable the winch to lock itself into the sand, making it very stable and removing any need to pin it down. The winch can also be fitted onto a quad bike or 4×4, or it can be operated from the top of the Seahorse Winch Buggy.
    • The self-lubricating bushes eliminate the need for grease (as grease and sand is a big no-no).
    • The powerful 150-watt motor will provide up to 50kg of pull. This is sufficient to pull in even the biggest fish. The low profile design enables all the power to be used.
    • The Black 10ah Lithium battery capacity allows for up to 4,000m of hauling. This is normally sufficient for two complete hauls.
    • The welded aluminium drum is built from super strong aluminium to ensure the greatest durability.
    • A full 24-month warranty provides carefree operation and support. Call us if you have any queries regarding our Seahorse Electric Winch.

    Seahorse Traceboard

    As the Seahorse Kontiki performs and can travel at high speed, we designed a traceboard that makes it easy for the operator to attach the traces safely and easily and a winch that controls the line during the launch stage. Simply clip on the traces, and they go fishing.

    The “clip & go” traceboard has long traces and Longline clips to enable quick and easy attachment. The fisher stays away from the pre-baited hooks that are automatically dispensed from the far end of the board. The traces are attached between every second or third stopper on the stoppered section of the line.

    The stoppers are 2m apart and with a hundred and twenty stoppers on the mainline, you have plenty of extras. The stoppers are nylon cord tied and glued and do not affect line strength and are much better to handle than the cheaper aluminium crimps. The 25 traces can be deployed in under a minute.

    • The strong aluminium frame is lightweight and does not hold the smell of fish or baits. Its design means it can be cleaned easily, and this keeps the traces and the board in top condition.
    • The convenient two-sided design reduces the size of the traceboard while maximising the spacing between hooks increasing baiting options.
    • The traceboard is specifically designed to handle long traces, which has proven more successful.
    • The Seahorse-designed and machined trace and hook holders enable the traces to be held with minimum tension ensuring easy and safe operation.
    • Longline clips and longline hooks bring commercial know-how and techniques to recreational fishing. While there are a number of techniques for attaching traces to the mainline, we have found the Seahavester clips are the quickest, easiest, and safest method of attaching traces.
    • There are Ten spare pre-tied traces included with our traceboard (in addition to the 26 on the board).

    Technical Info

    Seahorse S60 Kontiki

    • Length – 1.5m assembled
    • Length – 75cm disassembled (two parts)
    • Width – 12cm (excluding motor)
    • Width – 27cm (including the Motor)
    • Depth – cm
    • Weight – 14.0kg

    Seahorse Nylon Winch

    • Length – 47cm
    • Width – 47cm
    • Height- 33cm
    • Weight – 21.7kg

    Seahorse™ Traceboard

    • Length – 90cm
    • Width – 33cm
    • Depth – 8cm
    • Weight – 2.4Kg


    Seahorse Traceboard

    • Length – 90cm
    • Width – 33cm
    • Depth – 8cm
    • Weight – 2.4kg


    Manual and Downloads

    Download the App from here




    Download the latest manual from here – Manual for S60




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