Drone Winch
Seahorse Drone Winch

$2,000.00 inc GST

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    Seahorse Drone Winch

    $2,000.00 inc GST

    The Seahorse Drone Winch is perfect for managing longer drone sets.

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    The Seahorse Drone Winch comes with:

    • 1000 Metres of 130lb B/S braid
    • 50 metres of polyester line with 30 loops for traces and weights.
    • 11.4ah lithium battery and battery charger
    • Manual rescue handle
    • Warranty


    Seahorse Drone Winch

    The Seahorse Drone Winch is powered by a 150-watt motor (same as our other Seahorse™ winches) and uses a 10ah Red Lithium battery. We have re-designed the drum with a larger core to hold the lighter braid we use with the drone. Then ensures the drum rotates slower on deployment and retrieves the line quicker on retrieval.

    At 12.5kgs with line and battery, it is light and easy to carry.

    Due to the Braid line and the low drag, this winch can retrieve the line unit up to multiple times on one battery. We have made the Winch simple to use with a soft start three-speed control unit, ensuring full power is delivered to the motor no matter what. We have retained the Pulse function, allowing you total control over the Winch whenever you need it.

    The 130lb Braid is light enough for the Trident Drone to pull out, yet it is strong enough to cope with most of the loads you could get from doing long sets. Sometimes the conditions or weed in the water can cause extra load on the line and the 130lb B/S is strong enough to cope with most situations (if care is taken).

    The polyester line has 30 loops tied into it. This is sufficient for 25 hooks, three weights and connecting to the drone and the braided line. If you are going to fish with fewer hooks, then the line can be shortened to the length you require. The Longline clips are easy to clip onto and remove from the loops. Simply bait up and connect the traces and weights to the line. Connect the line to the drone and away you fly. With smooth (consistent speed) flying, there is no need for any drag on the line and the large diameter drum allows fast deployment of the line out to 1000 meters. Under the 1000 meters of 130lb B/S braid, there are 200 meters of 300lb B/S braid and the change in line thickness is a clear indication to drop the line. Finally, there is some nylon that binds the braid to the winch drum.

    Winch Or Reel

    The winch has the advantage if you are doing long sets with 13 or more hooks. The large drum manages the line batter and it has the power to pull everything back from that distance.

    The top-of-the-range Electric Fishing Reels can hold up to 1100 metres of line, but they cost the same or maybe more than the winch. The smaller electric reels can hold up to 650 metres of 80lb braid and we find the smaller electric reels are better suited to shorter (up to 500 metres) runs or with fewer hooks.

    Manual fishing reels can also be used, but once you get beyond 300 metres, it can be tedious winding the line in.


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