Motorised Trolley
Seahorse Motorised Trolley

$3,000.00 inc GST

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    Seahorse Motorised Trolley

    $3,000.00 inc GST

    The Motorised Trolley does all the hard work for you, getting your Seahorse fishing equipment to the water’s edge.

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    Trolley Motors
    Trolley motors
    • Seahorse Motorised Trolley
    • Wooden tops
    • Aluminium frame
    • two powerful electric motors
    • forward and reverse
    • fat tyres
    • Two 14ah SLA Batteries
    • The CTek™  Automatic Multi-Stage Charger

    Product Details

    The Seahorse Motorised Trolley was developed in 2010, and this was followed by a major re-design and upgrade in 2013. Many new features were added including reverse. You can now park your motorised trolley in your garage, and then reverse it out in the morning for your next fishing trip.

    While Quad bikes and 4-wheel Drives are a great way to get your fishing gear onto the beach, there are many beaches where these are not allowed. This makes the Seahorse Motorised Trolley the best option to move your gear.

    The Seahorse Motorised Trolley is powered by 2 * 24v, 400-watt powerful electric motors that will drive its load up to 2km’s through very soft sand, and over 7km’s on the road. The design of the motorised trolley is based on the successful Seahorse Beach Trolley, and this allows an upgrade for existing beach trolley owners.


    The Seahorse Motorised Trolley had a full re-design in 2013, improving the design of the base, to hold the new waterproof control unit. The thump throttle gives the user full control over the speed of the trolley. The Seahorse Motorised trolleys now have reverse which allows you to just back up the beach if needed.

    The rear tyres are upgraded to a larger fatter tyre, to give extra grip in the sand, plus the ability to float over the soft sand, giving you the ability to travel further and climb higher. The rear tyres can be set to freewheel, allowing you to push if required.

    The battery box has room for an extra set of batteries, allowing you to double your range, or carry the extra batteries for the Seahorse.

    The trolley will drive up most sand hills you can walk up. This means you will be able to access the beach along any walking track through the sand hills.

    Technical Info


    Width – deck and wheel base – 750mm

    Deck height – 700mm

    Handle height – 1050mm

    length including handle – 1250mm

    Length of base – 1000mm

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