The Seahorse Clip n Go Traceboard

$200.00$260.00 inc GST

$200.00$260.00 inc GST

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    The Seahorse Clip n Go Traceboard

    $200.00$260.00 inc GST

    Seahorse is proud of the aluminium “clip & go”traceboard. It is lighter, stronger, cleaner than the old fashion wooden boards, it is so straightforward to use, and it can be used with a wide range of baits. The new, effective two-sided design of the Seahorse™ traceboard enables easy, fast, and safe attachment of the traces.

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    As the Seahorse Kontiki performs and can travel at high speed, we designed a traceboard that makes it easy for the operator to attach the traces safely and easily and a winch that controls the line during the launch stage. Simply clip on the traces, and they go fishing.

    The “clip & go” traceboard has long traces and Longline clips to enable quick and easy attachment. The fisher stays away from the pre-baited hooks that are automatically dispensed from the far end of the board. The traces are attached between every second or third stopper on the stoppered section of the line.

    The stoppers are 2m apart and with a hundred and twenty stoppers on the mainline, you have plenty of extras. The stoppers are nylon cord tied and glued and do not affect line strength and are much better to handle than the cheaper aluminium crimps. The 25 traces can be deployed in under a minute.

    Traceboard Options

    • Standard traces with 26 traces and 10 spare traces. as noted above
    • Tube traces with 26 traces and no spare traces. The tube traces help to reduce twisting issues.
    • Squiddly Traces with 26 traces and no spare traces. The Squiddy traces add movement and colour, thus helping to improve your catch.
    • Squiddly Tube traces with 26 traces and no spare traces. These traces combine the benefits of the squiddy and the tubes.
    • There is also the option of clear or Luminous tubes.
    • Floating Traces our tube traces with 2 floats, coloured either red or yellow floats, or a mixture of red and yellow floats.
    • Mixed traces, with 26 mixed traces, made up of a mix of the tube, squiddy, Squiddy tube, float and plain traces.


    • The strong aluminium frame is lightweight and does not hold the smell of fish or baits. Its design means it can be cleaned easily, and this keeps the traces and the board in top condition.
    • The convenient two-sided design reduces the size of the traceboard while maximising the spacing between hooks increasing baiting options.
    • The traceboard is specifically designed to handle long traces, which has proven more successful.
    • The Seahorse designed and machined trace and hook holders enable the traces to be held with minimum tension ensuring easy and safe operation.
    • Longline clips and longline hooks bring commercial know-how and techniques to recreational fishing. While there are a number of techniques for attaching traces to the mainline, we have found the Seahavester clips are the quickest, easiest, and safest method of attaching traces.
    • There are Ten spare pre-tied traces included with our traceboard (in addition to the 26 on the board).

    Technical Info

    Seahorse™ Traceboard

    • Length – 90cm
    • Width – 33cm
    • Depth – 8cm
    • Weight – 2.4Kg

    Instructional Videos

    Below are a selection of our instructional videos. To view all our videos, please go to the bottom of our resources page – click on link, or view below.

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